Aaron Michael Esmonde is a Welsh horror, sci-fi, and fantasy novelist, director, and producer. Born on August 20, 1977, in Swansea, Wales, he is best known for his novels Blood Hunger, Dead Pulse, The Final Version, Darkest Moons, Skeletons in their Closets, and Shadows of Dismemberment.

Esmonde’s first published work was the vampire horror novel Blood Hunger, followed by the popular zombie novel Dead Pulse. Both ebook editions ranked in the top 100 (free) horror and fantasy charts, with Blood Hunger reaching position #13 and Dead Pulse reaching #39. In May 2014, his third novel, The Final Version, a science fiction thriller, was released and ranked at #12 in the USA science fiction cyber punk chart and #42 in the UK dystopian science fiction chart.

Esmonde’s fourth novel, Darkest Moons, a horror thriller, was released on October 29, 2016, and peaked at #7 in the UK occult horror chart on April 2, 2019, and in the top 100 USA occult chart. In October 2020, his paranormal, supernatural mystery, Skeletons in their Closets, entered the top 100 ghost thriller chart in the USA and UK Ghost Horror ebook chart. In 2021, he released Shadows of Dismemberment, and in January 2022, he announced on his social media channels that due to encephalitis, it may be his last novel.

Apart from his writing career, Esmonde is also a producer and director. He was a producer on the film Terminus (2010), which was directed by Sean P. Parsons and acts as a prelude story to the Blood Hunger novel. He also produced the related short Revamped (2009). In 2013, he became an associate producer of ‘Call Girl,’ the first film in David P. Baker’s ‘City of Sin’ and the ‘Crime Lord’ TV series. Also, in 2013, he directed a revenge-themed music video, ‘Say My Name,’ for the UK’s top ten album selling rock band Scarlet Rebles (formerly V0iD). In 2023, he executive produced ‘Mad World.’

Esmonde’s work as a multi-talented horror, sci-fi, and fantasy author, director, and producer has garnered him a dedicated fan following worldwide. His novels, short stories, and films showcase his creative genius and his passion for the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. Despite his recent health setback, his contributions to the world of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy are sure to leave a lasting impact on fans and creators alike.