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Alison (Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online) is an online education platform that offers certificate and accredited diploma courses for higher education, workplace skills, and personal interests. The platform was founded by Irish social entrepreneur Mike Feerick in Galway, Ireland, on 21 April 2007. Since then, Alison has grown to become one of the largest online learning platforms, with over 25 million learners worldwide and more than 4.5 million graduates as of July 2022.

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Alison’s business model is primarily based on advertising and sales of certificates. The platform generates income through an online pay-per-click advertising revenue model. However, all courses on the platform are entirely free of charge. The courses cover a wide range of subjects across nine core categories at both certificate and diploma levels.

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Alison’s courses are accredited by CPD UK, the continuing professional development institution in the United Kingdom. The company also conducts the Workplace Wellbeing Survey and Welliba workplace wellbeing survey in partnership with the healthcare provider Welliba.

The platform’s courses have received recognition from various international organizations. In 2010, Alison was among the four winners of the UNESCO King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa Prize for innovation in ICT for Education. In October 2013, Alison won an award at the World Innovation Summit for Education held in Qatar.

One of the advantages of Alison is that learners can access education and skills training for free without any time limit for completing a course. Learners can also download a free digital certificate and transcript from the Alison Account’s Dashboard after completing a course.

While Alison has received positive reviews from users, some critics have raised concerns about the effectiveness of the MOOC model in delivering real educational impact. However, Alison’s focus on providing practical skills training has been noted as a unique aspect of the platform’s offerings.

Compared to other online learning platforms, Alison’s overall score is lower than Coursera and Udemy. However, the platform’s accreditation by CPD UK, the continuing professional development institution in the United Kingdom, makes Alison’s certificates recognized globally.

In conclusion, Alison is a free online learning platform that provides learners worldwide with access to education and skills training for higher education, workplace skills, and personal interests. While the platform’s overall score is lower than some of its competitors, it offers learners the opportunity to acquire new skills without any financial cost.

ALISON (Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online) is an Irish online education platform that provides free certificate courses and accredited diploma courses across various subjects.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Alison:

Are Alison certificates free?

Yes, once you have completed a course, Alison offers a free certificate that you can download.

Are Alison courses recognized in the UK?

Yes, the online diploma and certificate courses are accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD UK) certification service, which is a recognized body in the UK with a global reach.

Can I add Alison certificate to my resume?

Yes, as long as the certifications are relevant to the job, you can include them on your resume.

Does Alison give you a certificate?

Yes, Alison offers a certificate of completion for every course completed.

Which one is better, Udemy or Alison?

Based on overall ratings, Udemy has a higher score than Alison, but it ultimately depends on individual preferences and the specific courses being compared.

Is Alison better than Coursera?

Coursera has a higher overall score than Alison, but like the comparison with Udemy, it depends on individual preferences and the specific courses being compared.

Are Alison certificates worth it in India?

Reviews for Alison courses are generally positive, with many users finding them useful for gaining new skills. It can be a valuable resource for those seeking to improve their knowledge and career prospects.

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