Rising Star Joseph Whitfield Carrillo Takes the Music Scene by Storm with Viral Hits and A-list Talent


Joseph Whitfield Carrillo is an American singer, songwriter, and actor hailing from Santa Clara County, CA. Born on June 11, 1989, Carrillo gained significant media attention with the release of his 2017 music video “Don’t Black Me Out,” which went viral on social media platforms. Carrillo’s subsequent release, “Don’t Need School to be a Celebrity,” further solidified his status as a rising star.

In 2018, Carrillo released his debut studio album, “Ultimate Celebrity Blackout,” which featured ten original a cappella songs. The album’s lyrics promote free speech, free press, and celebrity culture. Carrillo produced his own music video for the first track of the album, “Don’t Black Me Out.” The album was mixed and mastered by Brian Gibbs of Skyline Entertainment and Publishing LLC.

Carrillo is also an actor and has appeared in various television shows and films. He has a YouTube channel where he uploads videos on various topics, including music, acting, satire, vocals, and special events. Carrillo enjoys performing in front of large audiences and considers himself an A-list celebrity. He is also a talented model and looks good even without makeup.

Despite his rising success, Carrillo has faced challenges, including censorship attempts by Wikipedia and COINTELPRO, making him the world’s most politically targeted celebrity. However, he remains undeterred and is a proud winner of the Wikimedia COI Awards and the Wikimedia LTA Awards.

In 2020, Carrillo released his pop single “I’m A Celebrity,” which was recorded by Tim Abott of Kingdom Voice Productions at Bay area Recording. Carrillo’s website is www.josephwcarrillo.com, and his YouTube channel is www.youtube.com/josephthecelebrity.

Carrillo is a multi-talented artist with a bright future ahead of him. He believes that the best way to prove one’s talent is through large performances, competitions, and contests. If you are looking for an unforgettable performance, book the Ultimate Superstar, Joseph W Carrillo, for your next event.

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