Hiro Morita is a Japanese English-language announcer who works for NHK, Japan’s national public broadcaster. He is also a well-known presenter on the Japan Sumo Association’s English-language YouTube channel.

Morita was born in Tokyo in 1967 and moved to Columbus, Ohio, as a teenager when his father was transferred there for work. He graduated from Ohio State University before joining NHK in 1994 as a producer. However, he later transitioned to become an English-language announcer at NHK, despite having no prior experience in the broadcast industry.

Morita became known for his coverage of professional sumo on NHK World, where he has been a play-by-play announcer since 1999. He hosts GRAND SUMO, a program that covers sumo tournaments and provides previews, reviews, and highlights of the latest sumo news. He is also the host of DOSUKOI Sumo Salon, a program that explores the history and statistics of sumo.

In August 2022, Morita initiated the launch of the Japan Sumo Association’s English-language YouTube channel, Sumo Prime Time. The channel provides basic explanations of sumo, such as the rikishi routine and training, and features exclusive interviews with sumo elders and popular figures of the sport, including the winner of the previous tournament.

Morita’s contributions to the broadcast industry and his coverage of professional sumo have made him a well-respected and recognizable figure in Japan and beyond.