In the world of collectors, there are those who amass impressive collections of stamps, coins, or even rare antiques. However, Jackie Miley, an American-born collector, has carved out her own unique niche by holding the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of teddy bears. With an astounding 8,026 stuffed bears to her name, Miley’s passion for these cuddly companions has turned her collection into a renowned tourist attraction known as “Teddy Bear Town.” Let’s delve into the fascinating journey of Jackie Miley and her remarkable teddy bear collection.

The Beginnings of a Unique Collection:

Unlike many collectors who develop their passions from childhood, Jackie Miley did not have a teddy bear of her own when she was young. It was during a vacation in 2000 that Miley purchased her first teddy bear and found herself captivated by its charm. This purchase ignited a spark within her, leading her to explore thrift stores across the United States in search of more bears to add to her collection.

A Growing Obsession:

As Miley’s collection steadily expanded, she reached a significant milestone when she acquired her 3,000th teddy bear. Impressed by her dedication and the sheer number of bears she had accumulated, others encouraged her to apply for a Guinness World Record. In 2005, Miley officially entered the record books with a remarkable collection of 3,610 teddy bears. Undeterred by her accomplishment, she continued her pursuit and increased her collection to 4,190 bears by 2008.

A Global Collection:

One remarkable aspect of Jackie Miley’s collection is its global reach. She has teddy bears from every U.S. state and an impressive collection representing 29 different countries. Miley’s passion for teddy bears knows no boundaries, as she seeks out unique and diverse bears from around the world, adding both variety and cultural significance to her collection.

Expanding the Kingdom: Teddy Bear Town:

In 2017, Jackie Miley cemented her name in the record books once again by officially setting the Guinness World Record for the most teddy bears with an incredible total of 8,026. With such an extensive collection, Miley decided to share her love for teddy bears with the public. She transformed her collection into a beloved tourist attraction and established “Teddy Bear Town,” a museum dedicated to showcasing the vast array of bears she had accumulated over the years.

A Growing Legacy:

Jackie Miley’s dedication to collecting teddy bears has not waned over time. In 2016, she surpassed the 10,000 bear milestone, proving that her passion for these beloved toys remains unwavering. Through her continued efforts, Miley continues to inspire others with her unique collection and unwavering dedication.


Jackie Miley’s remarkable journey as a collector has led her to claim the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of teddy bears. From humble beginnings to the establishment of Teddy Bear Town, Miley’s love for these furry companions has not only brought her personal joy but has also become a source of delight for countless visitors. Her dedication, passion, and unwavering pursuit of bears from every corner of the globe have transformed her collection into an extraordinary testament to the enduring charm of teddy bears.