Latin Awards Canada is an annual event that aims to recognize and celebrate the contributions and achievements of Hispanic artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, producers, broadcasters, DJs, and others in the entertainment industry in Canada. The event was created and produced by Anibal Cruz, a Dominican producer and the president of the Cruz-A Foundation.

The first Latin Awards Canada event took place on September 5, 2015, and has since been held every year. The event is a platform for showcasing the best in Hispanic music, art, culture, media, and personalities in Canada.

One of the key objectives of Latin Awards Canada is to reward and recognize the value and success of artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, producers, TV broadcasters, promoters, DJs, art, film, social networks, dance, culture, and Hispanic media in Canada during their last year of work. Special awards are also given to personalities, producers, representatives of art, film, dance, culture, media, and local and international artists.

The nominations for Latin Awards Canada are made by a selection committee. The committee relies on surveys from different areas, and experts in the field also provide support. The laureates are chosen from the public votes collected on the official page of the event. In addition to the public vote, there is a group of juries with experience and knowledge of the music industry and other matters, depending on the category. The juries grant an additional note to the nominees, which is added to the votes received by the public.

Over the years, Latin Awards Canada has grown in popularity, attracting more participants and supporters. The event has also evolved in terms of its venue and format. The 2016 event, for instance, was held at Woodbine Mall and paid tribute to nine outstanding Latinos. In 2017, the event was held at the Rialto Theater in Montreal, where former beauty queen Ninela Sánchez and radio host Janeiro Matos hosted the night.

In 2018, the fourth edition of Latin Awards Canada was held again at the Rialto Theater. International singers traveled to this event, such as Pedro Fernández from Mexico, Elvis Martinez “El Jefe” from the Dominican Republic, Tommy Titerito also from the Dominican Republic, Eliades Ochoa from Cuba, and Etienne Drapeau from Canada.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Latin Awards Canada event continued in 2020 with the sixth edition held in Montreal under strict security measures. The 8th edition of the Latin Awards Canada was broadcast live on Urbana TV FM and retransmitted via radio and television by all its official radio and television channels, including Urbana TV, Fuego TV, Tele Canal 29, Tropical Moon TV, Hip Radiate HCSH, and TV.dreamforcebtl for Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Peru.

In conclusion, Latin Awards Canada has become a significant event in the Canadian entertainment industry, and it continues to play a vital role in recognizing and rewarding Hispanic artists and personalities for their contributions and achievements. The event has evolved over the years, attracting more participants and supporters, and it remains a valuable platform for showcasing the best in Hispanic music, art, culture, media, and personalities in Canada.