MaxStat is a user-friendly statistical analysis software platform that caters to the needs of students and researchers who have limited statistical knowledge. Developed by MaxStat Software in Germany, it offers two versions: MaxStat Lite and MaxStat Pro.

MaxStat Lite is a free version that can be used for smaller projects and theses. It provides over 50 statistical procedures and basic charts, including descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing (t-tests, chi-square, 1-way ANOVA with post-hocs, non-parametric tests), distribution testing, linear regression, correlation, and a selection of basic graphing functions. However, this version is limited to 254 rows and 12 columns of data and does not offer import or export functions.

MaxStat Pro is a full version that caters to larger data sets and advanced analyses. It features unlimited rows and columns, import and export functions, and more means of analyses such as 2-way ANOVA, logistic and nonlinear regression, principal component analysis and multidimensional scaling, time series, power/sample-size, and factorial design. It also provides more types of graphs, word processing functions, and options for formatting of results.

Overall, MaxStat is an ideal software platform for individuals who require basic to advanced statistical analyses without having a comprehensive statistical background.