Hareem Shah

Fiza Hussain, better known as Hareem Shah, is a Pakistani social media personality, active on TikTok.

Early life and education

Born as Fiza Hussain in 1981, she later studied at a religious school.[citation needed]

She is a student of Masters of Philosophy in Comparative Religion at University of Peshawar.[1]

Adult life

In October 2019, a video of Shah’s filmed inside Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs provoked criticism from prime minister Imran Khan, who ordered a probe into how she gained access to the building.[2][3] The same year, Shah received backlash for her comments regarding federal minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad after a video recording of her conversation with him was leaked.[4] In December 2019, she was harassed at an opening ceremony of a mall in Dubai.[5]

On 28 June 2021, Hareem Shah confirmed her marriage to a Pakistan People’s Party member but kept did not divulge her husbands name.[6][7] It was later confirmed to be Syed Bilal Shah.[8]

In January 2021, Shah described a conversation with Mufti Qavi as “dirty” and “vulgar’”and claimed that he physically harassed Shah and her cousin.[9][10][11] In March 2021, Shah filed an first information report against a friend for attempt to murder and physical assault.[12][13]

In July 2021, there is online videos showing Shah smoking a sheesha went viral on social media.[14]

In January 2022, the Federal Investigation Agency announced they were investigating Shah she travelled from Pakistan to the United Kingdom with a significant amount of cash.[15]

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