Jackie Miley

Jackie Miley is an American-born collector who has the Guinness World Record for the most teddy bears at 8,026 stuffed bears.[1][2][3][4]


Miley did not have a teddy bear as a child. Jackie’s collection began in 2000, when she purchased a bear while on vacation.[5] She then began going to thrift stores around the US. Upon reaching 3,000 teddy bears, it was recommended that she submit an application to Guinness World Records. She reached the record originally in 2005 with 3,610 bears.[6][7] She grew her record to 4,190 bears in 2008[8] She has teddy bears from every US state and 29 countries.[9] Included in Jackie’s Collection are beanie babies and Teddy Ruxpin bears.[10]

Miley officially set the record in 2017 at 8,026 stuffed bears.[11] Her collection eventually became a tourist attraction/museum named, “Teddy Bear Town”.[12][13][14] She continues to collect and had reached 10,090 bears in 2016.[15]

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