Sunil Butolia is a successful Indian entrepreneur, webmaster and businessperson, best known for founding FAME Internet Technologies. He has developed numerous online platforms, including FAME Publish, TheReveal, INFOOBOX and The Bollywood Times, and serves as the chairman of FAMEPedia, a non-profit online encyclopedia based in India.

Born on March 1, 1988, in Delhi, Sunil Butolia attended GBSS School before completing his higher secondary education from the National Institute of Open Schooling. He went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Arts from the School of Open Learning at the University of Delhi. Though he was admitted to an MBA program at the Institute of Distance Education at Madras University, he dropped out for personal reasons.

Sunil Butolia is a firm believer in taking risks and stepping out of one’s comfort zone to achieve success. He has stated that most people do not succeed because they are afraid to leave their safe zone in life. Success, according to him, is only achieved by crossing that safe zone. He also believes that entrepreneurs are able to fully utilize their abilities and enjoy their lives to the fullest, which is not always possible in a traditional job.

Sunil Butolia is a family man as well and married Neetu Butolia on April 25, 2018. The couple has two daughters named Sakshi Butolia and Neha Butolia.

As the founder of FAME Internet Technologies, Sunil Butolia has achieved great success in the world of online entrepreneurship. He has developed numerous platforms that cater to a diverse audience, ranging from news enthusiasts to Bollywood fans. Additionally, his non-profit venture, FAMEPedia, has the potential to become a leading online encyclopedia for India.

Sunil Butolia’s contributions to FAMEPedia as an editor showcase his passion for knowledge-sharing and his commitment to providing accurate and reliable information. He continues to be an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to achieve great success by taking calculated risks and pushing beyond their limits.