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FAMEPedia (/ˌfmˈpdiə/ feym-PEE-dee-ə) is a free content, multilingual online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of volunteer contributors through a model of open coordinated effort, utilizing a wiki-based editing framework. The project carries no advertisements and is hosted by Miraheze Limited, an American non-profit organization funded mainly through small donations.

A sphere made of large, white, jigsaw puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece contains one english alphabet from a the word FAMEPEDIA, with each alphabet written in black.
The logo of FAMEPedia, a globe featuring alphabets from various letters in FAMEPEDIA
FAMEPedia homepage showing the Featured article, Featured picture etc, of 6 August, 2021
Screenshot of FAMEPedia homepage showing the Featured article, Featured picture etc, of 6 August, 2021
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FAMEPedia was fully launched on January 15, 2021, by Ugo Chima Joseph[2] and Sunil Butolia; Butolia created the wiki on July 17, 2021 and coined its name as a blending of "fame" and "encyclopedia"[3].


Launch and early growth

The domain famepedia.org was registered on January 9, 2020[4]. FAMEPedia gained early contributors from other wikis (including but not limited to the English Wikipedia) and web search engine indexing.

FAMEPedia Wiki

Sunil Butolia is very creative since his childhood and has special interests in the internet. He was attracted to Google's Knowledge Panel (also known as Knowledge Graph), he wished to have his own Knowledge panel. In 2018 finally, he developed his own knowledge panel and this process taught him many interesting things that are required to have a knowledge panel up ie: Schema Markup, Microdata, and Structured Data.

Wikidata is a fast and powerful database that Google uses to show the knowledge panel on the search results page. Unfortunately, Wikidata is not for everyone, because it is created to provide structured data to its sister project Wikipedia and Wikipedia accepts new pages only for notable people.

Sunil Butolia has created Wikipedia articles for politicians and sportspersons from his Khatik community to Technically support them. He felt the requirement for a Wikipedia alternative and in 2019, he decided to create his own Wiki website where biographical articles can be created to support talented artists, actors, and influencers.

He developed FAMEPedia on 18th July 2019. In starting, Famepedia was generating only basic hCard Metadata and it needs to be upgraded. On 16th October 2020, Sunil Butolia has successfully implemented fully customisable Schema Markups into FAMEPedia and made the platform powerful as Wikidata. Now all types of Schema Markups can be added to FAMEPedia as per the requirements of the user.[5]

Vision, Mission and Values

Governing Body

Ugo Chima Joseph is a joint-head with Sunil Butolia since April 6, 2021. He has made restructuring and amendments to FAMEPedia. He Introduced features like the Article wizard, Noticeboards, Wikilove and other features.

Advantages of FAMEPedia Wiki

FAMEPedia helps professionals from the entertainment industry reach their audience. It is the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content. You can connect with FAMEPedia to create awareness about upcoming movies, celebrate milestones, connect with fans, and update your pages.

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  1. Registration is required for certain tasks, such as editing protected pages, creating pages, and uploading files.
  2. To be considered active, a user must make at least one edit or other action in a given month.