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HM Foundation is a charitable organization that helps people globally who genuinely need help & assistance. The foundation has been laid by Himayat Ali Mirza, who is a businessman interested in high-end luxury real estate and owns several other businesses.

Himayat Ali Mirza launched the HM Foundation in January 2022. The foundation got its name after Himayat Ali Mirza himself. All these efforts by Mirza are out of his consciousness and generosity and are not for fame or media popularity. He wanted to do something for people in need who suffered during the pandemic, and his willingness to serve people resulted in the establishment of the HM Foundation. It came into existence with the motto of betterment and welfare of society. Mirza will be using his money for this noble cause and has pledged not to accept any donations from others.

Through this foundation, people who cannot bear their medical expenses or couldn’t fulfil their basic needs are depressed for other reasons will be reached & aided. These were some of the glimpses of the Nobel reasons. The foundation will be helping them by paying their medical bills, providing them with their necessities, and not sending money directly to them. To avoid fraud and help those in need, the authenticity of the individuals will be assured.

Himayat firmly believes that No philosophy works when someone is affected by poverty. And, therefore, is always active in helping others out of his generosity. Himayat has joined hands with several charities & organizations and also helps people privately.

A crucial motive for bringing this foundation online is to reach more individuals in need. He considers himself to be fortunate to be capable of giving to others.