Aadarsh Chaturvedi

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Aadarsh Chaturvedi
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Born (1997-12-13) December 13, 1997 (age 25)
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Known forYoung Choreographer and Founder of Tudc India - The Digital Network of Art
Notable work
choreography to top most celebs of MTV

Aadarsh Chaturvedi is a professional choreographer, a well-known personality. He has been passionate about dance ever since he was little kid. Born in Bhopal and brought up in Indore. His company TUDC INDIA which support's young & aspiring talent's of India. A Journey which was started by Aadarsh alone has now become a grown-up-tree which has top celebrities in support with his company TUDC INDIA-Digital Network of Art Aadarsh started with small shows/events like Dancing shows, Dance workshops then he shifted his gear to the Brand shows/ celebrity shows, followed by producing brand shows and went's like " Master of Showcase" online championship & and many more. Now his company TUDC INDIA- Digital Network of Art is shifting towards higher level to music albums/ other projects.

Aadarsh wants to bring more talents from India & take them to the digital level, want's to give digital support for them, He feels like India is a Talented nation & inspire's from "Every child is an Artist" said by Pablo Picasso". His goal is to bring this culture on a global scene. Aadarsh wants to marked his presence in nation & giving boost to young talents & also giving fresh faces to industry. TUDC INDIA- Digital Network of Art is open for every young talent, who wants to grow Digitally and want to showcase their talent globally, (Specially for those who wants to fly high) Aadarsh is also looking to produce some show, songs, music albums in a show time with topmost influencers/celebrity/artist. Aadarsh Chaturvedi has a unique & attractive personality with a smiling face has won hearts of many. He is the founder of the famous company-TUDC INDIA- Digital Network of Art, which was started in 2018. He handles shoot's of celebs, managing meeting, social media account's and many more [giving digital support]. He & his company basically are supporting the young talent who are looking for a platform to showcase their talent on a digital level & on a another level.

Aadarsh is in touch with many Celeb's of B-town, television, music industry & model's, Dancers, Fashion Influencers, Hip-Hop artist and many more in the field of Art of India & also outside India. Aadarsh & his company also manages social media platform of Influencer's/models/actors/dancers & other fields top names & giving help to young talents. Aadarsh is an excellent thinker too, he thinks a story on a few topics, which he will launch a music albums/songs/webseries. Stories are related to the artist's who struggle in their life to achieve big by staying away from their home and many other ideas wants to launch like future or artistic future in India.