Aaryan Krishna Menon

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Aaryan Krishna Menon
Alma materUniversity of Calicut
OccupationActor, screenwriter, director
Years active2010–present
Sowmya Vidyadhar (m. 2015)
ChildrenSana, Prakruthi, Shakti
Parent(s)M.S.Girijavallabhan, T.K.Remani

Aaryan Krishna Menon is an Indian actor, screenwriter and director, primarily working in the Malayalam film industry.

Aaryan made his acting debut in the film Tournament in 2010 and later starred in the Malayalam romantic drama Pranayam in 2011.[1] He played a leading role with Lal in the Malayalam short film "Debt" (2010), which won three Kerala state awards.

He later ventured into directing with a short film titled "Burn My Body".[2] Written and directed by him, the movie was acclaimed for its conceptualization, theme and craft. It went viral online, becoming one of the highest viewed Malayalam short films by grossing 1.3 million YouTube views after three months.[3] The E-buzz section from Mathrubhumi, a news daily, reported, "A truth that is hard-hitting on the audience has been filmed with perfection and ease in just under 30 mins".[4] E-magazine Evartha described it as "a movie par excellence in its kind as it dealt with a storyline that had never been told before".[5][6][7]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Aaryan was born in a Nair family to M. S. Girijavallabhan and T. K. Remani in Kodungallur, in the Thrissur district of Kerala, India.[8] He has two brothers, Arjun Menon and Abhimanyu Menon. Aaryan completed his bachelor's degree in Electronics from Prajyoti Niketan College, Puthukkad. Aaryan aspired to a career in film from a very young age. He was an avid theater artist and performed in numerous professional dramas and plays during his college days and has won several university-level awards and recognition.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Aaryan married his longtime girlfriend Sowmya Vidyadhar on 1 September 2015 in a private ceremony in Bangalore. The couple has three daughters.[citation needed]

Career[edit | edit source]

After receiving a post graduate diploma in Journalism, Aaryan began his career as a senior radio jockey at Mathrubhumi Club FM. While working in Mathrubhumi, he conceptualized and hosted a popular celebrity chat show called Star Jam where he received an opportunity to interview Mammooty, a Malayalam actor. Impressed by Menon's passion for cinema, Lal, an actor who had accompanied Mammooty to the interview, cast Aaryan in the lead role in Tournament. Menon played the antagonist in the movie. His performance was well received and launched his acting career. Until 2012, he actively appeared in shorts and feature films, after which he shifted residence to Dubai and resumed his career as a radio jockey. In 2015 he made a comeback in his directorial debut with a short film titled "Burn My Body" and garnered praise for his bold attempt at filming and raising awareness about a complicated issue, necrophilia.[9] "Burn My Body" and its poster is included as a reference for "Necrophilia", for MBBS students in Textbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, edited by V V Pillay.[10]

Filmography[edit | edit source]

Year Title Role Director Notes
2010 Tournament – Play & Replay John Subramaniyam Lal
2012 "Debt" Jude Lal Jr. Short film, released directly in television
2012 Pranayam Achuthan Menon Jr. Blessy Teenage role of Anupam Kher
2013 "Srishti Samhara" Artist Anoop P. Short film
2015 "Burn My Body" Himself Short film; directorial debut
2017 The Great Father Office executive Haneef Adeni
2018 Lilli Ajith Prasobh Vijayan
2018 Koodasa Antony Dinu Thomas Eelan
2020 King Fish Ashwin Kumar Anoop Menon
2020 One Santhosh Vishwanathan

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