Aasif Khan

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Aasif Khan

Aasif Khan a dreamer from small kasba name NIMBAHERA, CHITTOOR  .( RAJASTHAN ) from middle class family today is  LIVING INSPIRATION for Youth & all the artist out to achieve success.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Aasif Khan started acting when he was in 5th standard 2001 in school performed as a servant in annual function Drama ( KISSA KUDSI KA )

He also use to dance & take part in competitions & never won in any competition but never loosed his hope, he believed in learing not loosing.

Aasif khan got inspired from Raju Srivastava after watching "Great Indian Laughter show"

that how one man is entertaining public by just standing alone & holding mike, after being motivated by Raju Srivastava he wrote his own script & performed on 31st December New year Party in 2003 & received his First Award in life. He started performing from that day onward in weddings , medical camps as comedian & became famous in his area. In this time period only he lost his Father , & because of tough financial condition he left his school & started job in Airtel with salary of rs.800/- in 2008.

Aasif Khan planned to shift in Mumbai in 2009 to continue with his acting dreams , when he went to Mumbai his friend Abhishek Verma helped him to stay in Mumbai for 4 days & then he started searching for job & got job in Hotel West inn as waiter for 8-9 months , & then he realised that he isnt here for this , after leaving this job he got job in Shopper'sStop.

He faced camera for the first time in 2010 as part of crowd in movie Agneepath. Then ,

He went for his first audition in one casting agency & the casting director laughed on him  & said you dont know acting go for theater first , then he went back in his city in 2011 & in Jaipur he joined theater for 6 years in Sarthak Theater Group. Then he got to know & got motivated by IRFAN KHAN sir who got trained in Sarthak Theater Group & is his senior batchmate.

  • He also performed in the prestigious NAPA international theater festival karachi 2015 ,
  • he shifted himself in Mumbai in mid 2016.
  • Aashif Khan won Best Actor Award for vacancy in 2017 in Mami Festival Mumbai, Cineshorts Viacom 18 fest  & Sky Light Film Festival Mumbai.
  • He also got signed for OTT PLATFORM - NETLIX series called JAMTARA , SACRED GAMES & NARCOS MEXICO.
  • He also got role in series HUMOROUSLY YOURS by TVF
  • He got featured in INDIA'S MOST WANTED & PAGGALIT ( UPCOMING )