Aayush Rimal

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Aayush Rimal
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Official Aayush Profile Pic
Born (1998-10-29) October 29, 1998 (age 23)
EducationParagon Public School Nepal
OccupationYouTuber,Viner, Entertainer Student.
Known forNepali YouTube Entertainer

Aayush Rimal (Nepali- आयुश रिमाल) (born October 29), by mother Suman Khatiwada Rimal and father Sudeep Rimal. He is a Nepali YouTuber as well as a viner prepared to take his place in Media Industry.[1] His entertaining videos along with his short funny vines are the reason that makes him what he is right now. He brings out the bitter truth of society in his videos and relatable happenings in his vines.[2]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Aayush Rimal, also known as a Nepali YouTuber[1] who makes relatable videos stating the common facts and bitter truth of our nepalese society, is quite popular among most of the young teens as well as adults these days.

He is well known for entertaining people by posting videos on his YouTube channel which have over 28k subscribers [3] and more than 3 million total videoviews and is also considered as one of the young popular online personality. He also has over 40,000 followers on Facebook,[4] over 16 thousand followers on Instagram.

Career[edit | edit source]

He started his YouTube channel on August 2013 when he got a new camera as his birthday gift, and started posting random videos. He says YouTube is his passion and not his career,[5] and he does it for killing his boredom, and regards it as something productive. “But I wanna play at least one Nepali Movie as a lead actor before I die” says Aayush. His editing skills are great! [6] Some of his popular videos are “Interview with Nepali Models” where he sets up a fake interview with so called models Tirshana Budhathoki and Archana Paneru.[7] “Girls Nowadays” where he sketches the parody of common basic Nepali girl and their status on Facebook.

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