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Abhinav Pundir is a Blogger, Influencer Manager, SEO Expert and Successful Entrepreneur from New Delhi, India. He is Founder of FameUps and running a successful Dropshipping business and he has worked with many foreign clients too and all of them are very impressed with his work

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Born7th October
New Delhi, India
Known forFounder Of FameUps

Career[edit | edit source]

Abhinav Pundir is Entrepreneur, SEO Expert, Blogger, Dropshipper and Influencer Manager. He started FameUps in March 2020, An Influencers Management Agency, they manage Influencers and help them to grow in all aspects and increase their social value, and connect them with brands for collaboration, he worked with so many famous brands and Binomo is one of them . He completed his schooling from New Delhi, India. He is such a great leader, according to London Daily Post he is India's Youngest Most Successful Influencer Manager.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

During his school days, he started a facebook page and after 1 year he has gained more then 50k likes on that page, but after some time his page got deleted by facebook for violating terms, then he started Instagram page and that page goes viral and now he is having over 10 Million self base and overall 100 Million plus base on Instagram. And then he started dropshipping as partime and now he is among top dropshippers in India, and that's his huge success. Then he started investing in himself, after that he started event blogging and that's very new concept for him, he started new year wishing site and his SEO skills worked and now his main focus is on FameUps his company.

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