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Abidul Islam
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Born4 may 2003
Chattogram, Bangladesh
Alma materIspahani Public College, Chittagong.
Known forBlogger

Abidul Islam is a blogger. he is the youngest blogger in Bangladesh. Abidul Islam has several websites. Abidul Islam is doing this from at age of 15 . his main topic is technology. specifically, Abidul Islam writes on mobile, internet, cloud, gears, and blogging tips. write he has more than 24 sites al site topic are different. but all are

connected to technology.

In his early career, he faces many failures .but he never gives up. today, he is one of the best bloggers in his country. A few days back, Abidul Islam starts a YouTube channel .You Tube channel Name "ABIDUL ISLAM". where he teaches blogging and also reviews some gears, mobile, and laptop

Abidul Islam is the eldest in his family. He has 2 sisters who are younger than him. He stays with his family in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He was born on 04 May 2003.

Abidul Islam got his initial training from Baitul Izzat Border Guard Public School, Chittagong. It is a fine instructive organization that has given the great establishment to Abidul Islam. He has finished his Intermediate from Ispahani Public College, Chittagong.

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