Angelina Green

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Angelina Green is from Miami and was on season twelve of America's Got Talent.

Early life[edit | edit source]

She auditioned at Estefan Kitchen in Miami for Phil Collins' Little Dreams Foundation (LDF).[1] Collins and Orianne Collins-Mejjati started LDF in 2000 to help children achieve their goals to perform in entertainment.[2]

Heidi Klum, one of the judges gave Green a golden buzzer. Onstage Green said she has been “singing since forever, but I took it seriously since my parents got divorced. It was really hard for me, and music helped me so much.”[3] The mayor of Doral proclaimed a day in her honor.[4] She composes her own music.[5]

Green has talked about how she finds solace in her music and performing. Singing helps her forget difficulties she has encountered.[6] Green plays piano, guitar, and ukulele.[7]

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