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Beqa Kacheishvili
Beqa Kacheishvili in Batumi, Georgia (2019)
Beqa Kacheishvili in Batumi, Georgia (2019)
Background information
Birth nameBeqa Kacheishvili
Born (1998-06-07) 7 June 1998 (age 24)[1]
Rustavi, Georgia (country)
OriginRustavi, Georgia (country)
Years active2019–present
LabelsUkvdávi Records
RaveX Record Label

Beqa Kacheishvili is a Tbilisi-Based Georgian Musician, DJ and Artist. Beqa Kacheishvili has been carving out his place among the house music greats with a plethora of releases that make crowds move. He has released over twenty track and one EP on record labels including DifferentSound, Ukvdávi Records and Rave X Record Label. In 2020, he launched record label with his friend and also Musical Artist Pate Jaar "Ukvdávi Records" and released first techno compilation.

Early life and education[edit | edit source]

Beqa Kacheishvili was born in Rustavi, Georgia, on June 7, 1998. His passion in music began at his childhood. He studies informatics and programming at Caucasus University in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Career[edit | edit source]

Beqa Kacheishvili taught to DJ in 2019 by himself and decided to make his own creations, tracks that everyone would enjoy to listen and always talk about it. In 2020, he learned to use Ableton / FL Studio and began to create his own tracks. His first track, "Lost In Feelings" was completed and released worldwide in 2020.

His career started in 2019 and actively progressing until today. Electronic music became lovely hobby for him, He spends his free time to make music.

Beqa's favorite and prominent genre in electronic music is House, Lo-Fi House, Techno, Deep House, Tech-House. He tries to reach listener's mind to express his emotions and feelings.

On December 17, 2020 Beqa Kacheishvili released “Girl With Attitude”, track immediately became popular and loved by his fans and listeners. This track has beautiful bassline, which makes your body move on dancefloor. The lyrics from “Girl With Attitude” by Beqa Kacheishvili is from French Gemma Bovery Interview, Track and her vocal just merged into each other wonderfully. You can hear the beautiful chords and strings going into track nicely, with the sound of 303 acid. Track is going to be released on Jan 5, 2021. Before you can enjoy listening the premiere on youtube.

On Nov 10, 2020 Beqa Kacheishvili released his first new record from his own record label (Groove On Earth) — “Waves On My Mind”, the track was released worldwide on all musical platforms. The premiere was on EELF Records. The genre of this release is House, with lots of groove and melody.

On Nov 25, 2020 Beqa Kacheishvili released his second new record “Fade Back From Reality”, which was the second track from Groove On Earth album, the first was “Waves On My Mind”. His second release is based on Tech-House beat with groove dance vibes, which has 808 snare, 909 kick and clap sounds, also lot of melody and vocal. Both of them are released on all musical platforms. You can check out the premiere on — EELF Records.

In may 2020, Beqa released his first Lo-Fi track "Lay Down", the track became his first appearance in House music.

On May 25, 2020 Beqa released his first music video for his new hit track "Spiritual State", which later became mostly loved by listeners, due to the georgian melody, which represents his country and soul. The music was released worldwide on Youtube in November 2020.

On Jun 12, 2020 Beqa released his second Lo-Fi House music video "End Of The Earth", which is distinguished with the 90s footage in video and the track has vintage feelings and vibes.

Discography[edit | edit source]

  1. Beqa Kacheishvili - Girl With Attitude
  2. Beqa Kacheishvili - Waves On My Mind
  3. Beqa Kacheishvili - Insomnia
  4. Beqa Kacheishvili - Fade Back From Reality
  5. Beqa Kacheishvili - Left Behind
  6. Beqa Kacheishvili - Spiritual State
  7. Beqa Kacheishvili - Curvature Of Mind
  8. Beqa Kacheishvili - End Of The Earth
  9. Beqa Kacheishvili - Without Expectation
  10. Beqa Kacheishvili - Higher State Of Consciousness
  11. Beqa Kacheishvili - Get In Love
  12. Beqa Kacheishvili - Love Sensation
  13. Beqa Kacheishvili - Midnight Scenes
  14. Beqa Kacheishvili - The World Keeps Turnin
  15. Beqa Kacheishvili - Lay Down
  16. Beqa Kacheishvili - Lost In Feelings
  17. Beqa Kacheishvili - Datalinks

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Beqa Kacheishvili[edit | edit source]

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