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Brian Lewis
File:Brian lewsi famepedia.jpg
Born (1988-05-30) May 30, 1988 (age 33)
North Carolina
OccupationHigh Net-worth Investor & CEO / FOUNDER of Equity Funding Partners, LLC
Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)

Brian A.Lewis Template:BlueBadge is a 32 year old high total assets financial backer from Greensboro, NC. As of late highlighted on Bizar Financing, Brian is known for his ascent from poverty to newfound wealth through corporate buyouts and land contributing. His assessed total assets is supposed to be over 3.5 Million dollars as of (December 2020), going from hard resources for regular assets. Brian is at present during the time spent delivering his new book "Showed Millionaire"with a planned delivery date of September 2020.

In light of his exclusive plan of action he is projected to outperform the $100 Million dollar edge by (December) 2022. Brian's local language is English, and he is an exceptionally energetic and articulate business intellectual. As an expert business mentor and coach, Brian has been highlighted on various stages for his business achievements and awards. Brian is a committed dad and finance manager who keeps on focusing on higher statures in the realm of business securing and contributing. This 32 year old Millionaire doesn't just show these techniques locally yet has shown numerous understudies globally through the Bizar Financing Program. As the Founder and CEO of Equity Funding Partners, Brian is likewise known for his authority characteristics and charitable activities to the nearby local area.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Brian Lewis was conceived May 30th, 1988 in Greensboro NC at Moses Cone Hospital. He is the more youthful of 2 kin. As a kid Lewis has consistently had a pioneering soul, at 5 years old Lewis was known for making statements like "When I grow up, I will be adequately rich to deal with everybody in my family." Although Lewis had extraordinary goals dissimilar to most youngsters, school among other organized exercises turned into a test for him. Like all other challenges in Lewis' day to day existence, he conquered the instructive framework which mislabeled Lewis with ( A.D.D.) otherwise called Attention Deficit Disorder. While most children can zero in on one main job, Lewis would consistently be contemplating numerous things and discovering answers for different issues. By the age of 11 years of age, Lewis' Father saw the enterprising drive in the entirety of his kids and began his children a Gum Ball Machine business. This business would permit Lewis and his siblings to put their machines in different organizations, top the machines off with gum balls, and gather the income from the machines toward the finish of every month.

This showed Lewis the head of bringing in cash work for you, that it's smarter to get income than it is a check from selling ones time. By the age of 18, Lewis began his first enterprising undertaking. Lewis bought an establishment of an advertising organization based out of Lexington Kentucky. Like most first time organizations, this end up being Lewis' first business disappointment. This disappointment pushed him to the following thought in which Lewis tasted his first piece of business achievement. This endeavor was a credit fix firm that Lewis dispatched by is twentieth birthday celebration; Although, this endeavor gave Lewis some reputation locally it was the chance to purchase a privately-run company from Lewis' late Grandfather that truly gave him the abilities expected to run, lead and deal with an activity in which others relied upon the accomplishment of Lewis' endeavors to pay their everyday costs every month. This experience gave Lewis a monetary base as well as constrained him into self-instruction, driving Lewis to turn into a financial backer and business investor. Lewis dives into more profound detail of his Rags to Riches story in his book "Showed Millionaire".

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