Chak (social group)

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Chik & Chikwa
Regions with significant populations
• Kanpur, Lucknow & Bareilly, India
• Hindu 100%

Chak is a sub-caste of Hindu chikwa .they comes in OBC category caste found in India. They were called chikwa in Bundelkhand and chik in Kanpur, Agra, Bareilly Mandal.[1]

Family work[edit | edit source]

The ancestral work of Chak is to sell chicken, meat, skins, wool. As an exception, making soup, making sieve and drumming.

Modern history of Chak[edit | edit source]

  • Around 1950, the great social worker Late Bhairav Prasad alias Mahasaya started writing Chak instead of Chikwa and Chik.[2]
  • Mr. Om Prakash, a resident of the town of Kanpur and a lawyer in Kachhari in Mainpuri, who belonged to Chak sub-caste, on 8 November 1994, on behalf of the person in his personal capacity, gave the request of single page to the commission and requested that we are known as Chikwa, Chik and sell goat meat. The Muslims who work like us are Chikwa, Kasab and are in the list of backward castes and they get all the benefits being the backward castes but since we are not in the list of backward castes, we are not getting any benefit. Shri Om Prakash requested that Chak (sub-caste of Hindu Khatik) should also be included in the list of backward castes of Uttar Pradesh. He did not write anywhere in the letter that we are getting benefit of scheduled caste under Hindu Khatik caste for years.[3]
  • Then Uttar Pradesh government introduced the mandate in 1995 and included Chak in the list of other backward castes in the state.
  • Uttar Pradesh government conducted field survey in 14 districts on a large scale, making it clear that chak, chick and chikwa are synonymous with each other and is a subcaste of Hindu Khatik caste.[4]

Notable person[edit | edit source]

SN Chak, former IPS officer, Indian politician[5]

Shiv Singh Chak, Indian politician[6]

Jitendra Kumar Chak,Social Activist of Chak Samaj

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