Chhipi The Cap

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Chhipi The Cap
Chhipi The Cap Movie Poster.jpeg
Directed byAbhijit Ashok Paul
Produced byAbhijit Ashok Paul
Music byRupam Roy, Gourav Kapadia
Abhifx Studio
Release date
  • 21 November 2019 (2019-11-21) (By )
Running time
16 Minutes
Budget1365 Dollar
Chhipi The Cap is a 2019 Bengali short patriotic film. It was directed by Abhijit Ashok Paul (Abhijit Paul) and produced under the banner of Abhifx Studio[1].

Plot[edit | edit source]

Here, I narrate the event in a conversational form between a Father and his daughter who is severely affected by throat infection. When her father tried to investigate the reason he came to know that it happens due to the water his daughter took from a water bottle, which had been bought from a local seller when they traveled by train few days before. And the story goes on…Most of the time when we travel by train or bus we used to buy drinking water Bottle. After using it most of the time we used to through it out of the train through the windows. Most of the plastic bottles are dropped in the crop field and as plastic bottles are not biodegradable product, it definitely affects our crops. But if we keep the bottles inside the train then another problem arises. The local

slum people come and collect the bottles and they put corporation water in it and sell it in the train again. People buy the bottles from them unknowingly, which causes lots of throat and stomach infections. I raised this issue and try to find a way-out of this problem through my film.

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Srikanta Manna
  • Abhinanda Karmakar
  • Rajesh Karmakar
  • Abhijit Ashok Paul
  • Pranab Kr Nath

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