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Digital Gabbar
Blooging Platform
FounderRohit Mehta
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Digital Gabbar[1][2] is a Tech Blog from India. It was established in the year 2020 by Rohit Mehta[3][4] with a mission to create India’s Largest Digital Content Platform for Indian blogger and Entrepreneur. The company has its office in Delhi, India.

History[edit | edit source]

Welcome to Digital Gabbar[5][6] (DG) – A community of digital bloggers whom we here at Digital Gabbar[7] refer as “ Gabbars of Digital Media”.

A bunch of digital enthusiasts who are committed to provide you with latest and most updated quality content to help you become digital gurus in your digital niche.

Digital Gabbar started in 2020, as you know, employment has been lost in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the event of this pandemic, we began to give the idea of ​​income to young India in a digital way.

We will not stop this, Digital Gabbar[8][9] will continue to share its digital information with you in the same way.

All digital marketers, bloggers, YouTubers, entrepreneurs and needy individuals can join our revolution.

Target of Digital Gabbar[edit | edit source]

The target of this Blog is to cover all digital industry tips (like: Blogging, Affiliate, SEO, Dropshipping, Social Media), online money making information, guides, tutorials, and I will try my best to make those guides easy as much possible to learn fast.

Also, We are planning to start interview of popular Digital marketers, Bloggers, YouTubers, Entrepreneurs so readers can read their stories and that’ll help them to stay motivated.

Well, thank you so much for reading about me since I am not one of the typo writers but surely I ‘ll update this with more information.

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