Drive the Boat

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"Drive the Boat"
Single by Pop Smoke
ReleasedDecember 6, 2019
  • Bashar Jackson
  • Michael Hernandez
  • Romerson Gabriel
  • Foreign Track
  • Rolex
Pop Smoke singles chronology
"Fire in the Booth, Pt. 1"
"Drive the Boat"
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"Drive the Boat" is a song by American rapper Pop Smoke. It was released by Victor Victor Worldwide and Republic Records for digital download and streaming as a standalone single on December 6, 2019. The song was written by Pop Smoke, known as Bashar Jackson, alongside Michael Hernandez and Romerson Gabriel. The song's production was handled by Foreign Track and Rolex. A drill track, Pop Smoke raps about alcohol and drugs. "Drive the Boat" received generally positive reviews from music critics, with several of them praising the song's production.

Background and release[edit | edit source]

In a statement, Pop Smoke explained: "Everything I make just be like, vibes. Yesterday I made a song called 'Drive the Boat.' I just made it cuz I seen a girl go like that. Talking about 'Drive the boat.' About to drive the boat with the liquor. So I'm like, hey, I just made a song called 'Drive the Boat.' I gotta have some inspiration. That's when the best music comes up for me."[1] Pop Smoke took inspiration from Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion who created the phrase "drive the boat" as a funny way to describe drinking liquor.[2]

The song was written by Pop Smoke, known as Bashar Jackson, alongside Michael Hernandez and Romerson Gabriel.[3] The song's production was handled by Foreign Track and Rolex.[3] Mastering was handled by Colin Leonard, while Fabian Marasciullo dealt with mixing, and Thomas McLaren was credited as an assistant mixing engineer.[3] Corey Nutile was credited as the song's recording engineer.[3] "Drive the Boat" was released as a standalone single for digital download and streaming by Victor Victor Worldwide and Republic Records on December 6, 2019.[4]

Music and lyrics[edit | edit source]

Music journalists described the song as a drill track.[2][5][6] According to DeMicia Inman of Def Pen, Pop Smoke "raps about a seemingly, lit occasion with drinks and drugs galore,"[2] while saying he "encourages listeners to 'drive the boat, act a fool with me' with a hook that repeats 'shake it'."[2] Courtney Wytner of GRM Daily commented that the song is a "hard-hitting instrumental [as Pop Smoke] takes it on with his distinct low tones and self-assured lyrics."[5]

Critical reception[edit | edit source]

"Drive the Boat" has been met with mainly positive reviews from music critics. The staff of HipHopDX stated that the song "fits the vibe."[7] In their review for OnSMASH, Legend described the song as a "street-certified single", and stated that Pop Smoke uses his "signature low pitched voice and melody to create another banger to blast."[8] Wytner commented that "Drive the Boat" was "another banger to add to [Pop Smoke's] collection."[5] Brianna Lawson of Earmilk praised Pop Smoke's use of Megan Thee Stallion's phrase, saying the "raunchy play on the coined phrase is going to keep the winter warm,"[9] while HotNewHipHop's Aron A. said Pop Smoke "hops over grim, UK-tinged drill production for another party anthem that would make Megan Thee Stallion proud."[6]

Credits and personnel[edit | edit source]

Credits adapted from Tidal.[3]

  • Bashar Jackson – vocals, writer
  • Michael Hernandez – writer
  • Romerson Gabriel – writer
  • Foreign – producer
  • Rolex – producer
  • Colin Leonard – mastering engineer
  • Corey Nutile – recording engineer
  • Fabian Marasciullo – mixing engineer
  • Thomas McLaren – mixing engineer assistant

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