Ek Jhoothi Love Story

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Ek Jhoothi Love Story is a Zindagi Original series starring Bilal Abbas Khan, Madiha Imam, Kiran Haq and Hina Bayaat. In their quest to find a perfect life partner, Salma and Sohail, create fake profiles with pseudonyms Natalia.

Director Mehreen Jabbar, whose TV play Dil Kiya Karey that is presently on-air and reminds one of the golden era of television, is busy shooting for her upcoming project. It is a web-series, penned by Umera Ahmed, who wrote the script for Zindagi Gulzar Hai, and features Bilal Abbas Khan in the lead role.

The upcoming series, which is currently being shot in Karachi, is called Aik Jhooti Love Story and features Madiha Imam, Kinza Razzak, Kiran Haq, Fawad Khan, Beo Zafar and Mohammad Ahmad, alongside Bilal who will be seen as a typical Karachi boy in the series.

“I’ll be playing the role of a typical Karachi boy with his usual dreams and aspirations. Just the normalcy of it is fun to explore as an actor and of course a new learning experience for me,” the actor shared in an earlier interview with Instep.

While we don’t know when the web series is releasing but we do know that the shoot recently came to an end.