Eric David Smith

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American musician, songwriter, producer, and recording engineer Eric David Smith is known for creating over 2000 original songs. Known as Bedroom Recordings, Eric uses various shaped apartments to help him sculpt and shape his sound. Eric's discography is a heartfelt, magical collection of songs, which showcase his authentic storytelling artistry and musicianship.

Eric's music career began at an early age. Eric was heavily influenced and inspired by his well-known uncle and American Guitar luthier, James A. Olson. Eric's Father also contributed to Eric's musician influences who was heavily into Blues, Punk, Rock and more. In 1995, Eric David Smith joined the US Navy and was later involved in a traumatic car accident causing Eric to become medically retired from the navy and join the civilian life again. Eric spent nearly two decades using music as a tool for healing. Playing guitar as a form of physical therapy for his shoulder injuries. Eric also used songwriting as a tool that would replace traditional mental therapy.

After military separation, Eric attended McNally Smith College of Music, at the time, it was called Music Tech, located in Minneapolis, MN. During this time, Eric was able to work with legendary studio musicians, recording artists, touring musicians, and more. Eric also worked as a stagehand assisting the Back Street Boys, Green Day, Depeche Mode, The Black Crows, N'Sync and many others.

Eric David Smith currently lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. He has been writing songs since 1997 under various names such as Eric The Robot, Hoaxing Hamilton, AB Patterns and Melody Meets Me. Eric's music is considered to be a timeline of his life, capturing real life events. Fans of Eric's music find his lyrics to be descriptive, emotional, colorful, and dynamic.

A majority of Eric David Smith's music is under the Creative Commons License and is able to be used by filmmakers, youtube influencers, and corporations.

In 2020 Eric released a number of singles under the record label Recording The City Records / Colorful Dots, LLC which can be found on every major streaming service as well as original music videos found on YouTube.