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The Bot Approvals Group (or BAG) oversees most areas and processes dealing with bots on FAMEPedia. Individual BAG members are tasked to approve or deny the various bot tasks submitted by both new and old bot operators. However, only bureaucrats are capable/entrusted to flag bots, and only administrators are capable/entrusted to block malfunctioning or misbehaving bots. While some BAG members (listed below) are also admins or bureaucrats, the roles of the BAG should not be confused with that of bureaucrats or admins. BAG members are trusted to understand FAMEPedia's bot policy, and to offer sound bot-related advice to bot operators, admins, bureaucrats, and editors alike. BAG members are often bot operators themselves, but this is not a formal requirement for BAG membership.

Membership[edit | edit source]

Joining[edit | edit source]

Those interested in joining the group should make a nomination and post it to the talk page, with notices to relevant community noticeboards to invite community participation (specifically FP:AN, FP:VPM, FT:BOT, and FP:BON), explaining why they would be a good member of the team and outlining past bot-related experience. After seven days, an uninvolved bureaucrat will close the discussion.

Activity requirements[edit | edit source]

The activity levels on the member list (active, semi-active, inactive) are informal and used to help identify members current availability.

Following a 2018 RfC it was concluded that BAG members are expected to be active on FAMEPedia to have their finger on the pulse of the community. After two years without any bot-related activity (such as posting on bot-related pages, posting on a bot's talk page, or operating a bot), BAG members will be retired from BAG following a one-week notice. Retired members can re-apply for BAG membership as normal if they wish to rejoin the BAG.[1]

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