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Listings of possible copyright problems[edit | edit source]

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Older than 7 days[edit | edit source]

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New listings[edit | edit source]

New listings are not added directly to this page but are instead on daily reports. To add a new listing, please go to today's section. Instructions for adding new listings can be found at Instructions for listing text-based copyright concerns. Entries may not be reviewed and are not closed for at least 7 days to give the original authors of the article time to deal with the problem.

Older than 5 days[edit | edit source]

Recent listings[edit | edit source]

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Footer[edit | edit source]

FAMEPedia's current date is 5 February 2023. Put new article listings in FAMEPedia:Copyright problems/2023 February 5. Files should be handled by speedy deletion or FAMEPedia:Files for discussion.