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Functionaries are users who perform specialised roles and have privileged technical access on the Miraheze projects. Examples include users with Oversight or CheckUser access and current and past members of the Arbitration Committee. Functionary access must be authorised by the Arbitration Committee or the Miraheze Foundation and requires that the user sign the confidentiality agreement for nonpublic information. This is in contrast to users such as Administrators, Bureaucrats, or members of the Bot Approvals Group, which are 'community' positions.

Functionaries whose permissions and responsibilities are confined to the English FAMEPedia are under the jurisdiction of the Arbitration Committee. These functionaries include:

Functionaries are held to a higher standard of behavior than non-functionaries, especially in issues related to their area of responsibility. Users who demonstrate a lack of judgment in an area related to their special access may have their status as functionaries revoked, whether or not an explicit abuse of their privileged access has occurred. As functionaries have a high profile within the project and are the face of FAMEPedia both to its editors and to the wider world, it is damaging to the integrity of the encyclopedia as a whole if these users are repeatedly embroiled in controversy. Functionaries may be removed from their position by the Arbitration Committee.

Mailing list[edit | edit source]

The functionaries-en mailing list is a venue for general discussion among current Arbitration Committee members, advanced permission operators (CheckUser and/or Oversight), all former members of the list in good standing, and other editors with official Miraheze Foundation status. The mailing list address is functionaries-en@lists.Miraheze.org

Although current arbitrators are subscribed to arbcom-en, the scope of this list is broader. This list is intended to allow more effective collaboration among editors involved with sensitive and privacy-related areas within the community and the handling of related issues, primarily on the English FAMEPedia. The list also has a role in supporting the Arbitration Committee, being available to assist with various matters and acting as a forum for discussion, input, and collective memory as needed.

As of 1 April 2021, the subscribers are:

Current arbitrators:
Ugochimobi, Sunilbutolia
Advanced permission (CheckUser and/or Oversight) operators:
Former arbitrators:

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