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William de Cantilupe was killed by multiple stab wounds in Scotton, Lincolnshire, in March 1375. The de Cantilupes were a wealthy English family and had a history of service to the crown. They were major landholders in the Midlands, with estates in Greasley, Ilkeston, and Withcall. William de Cantilupe's ancestors included royal councillors and, distantly, Saint Thomas de Cantilupe. Among the suspects in the murder were his wife Maud and the sheriff, Thomas Kydale. Maud may have had an affair with Kydale during her husband's frequent absences on service in France. Fifteen members of the household were also accused. De Cantilupe's murder was the first to come within the purview of the Statute of Treasons Act of 1351, which declared the murder of a husband by his wife or servants to be petty treason. Maud was tried and acquitted. Two members of the household staff were convicted and executed. (Full article...)