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Obverse of the coin

The York County, Maine, Tercentenary half dollar is a 50-cent commemorative coin minted in 1936 to commemorate the tercentenary (300th anniversary) of the founding of York County, the southernmost county in Maine and the first to be organized. The obverse shows Brown's Garrison, the fort around which York County was formed, while the reverse depicts the county's arms. A commemorative coin craze in 1936 saw some coins authorized by the United States Congress that were of mainly local significance; the York County issue was one of these, passing Congress without opposition in the first half of 1936. Maine artist Walter H. Rich designed the issue; his work has garnered mixed praise and dislike from numismatic authors. The Philadelphia Mint struck 25,000 for public sale. Less than 19,000 sold by 1937, more than half to Mainers; the rest were sold in the 1950s. As of 2020, the York County half dollar catalogs for around $200, depending on condition. (Full article...)