Forbidden Door Soundtrack

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Forbidden Door Soundtrack
Soundtrack album
GenrePop, rock, jazz

Forbidden Door Soundtrack is the soundtrack to Joko Anwar's 2009 film Forbidden Door.[1] Original Soundtrack consist of 18 tracks divided into two parts, one part as band performer and another one as musical score. The score was filled by Mondo of Sore, Zeke Khaseli of Zeke and the Popo, Tika, Notturno, and Mantra band.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

Track list
  1. Why - Mantra
  2. Nancy Bird - Sore
  3. Please Operator Please - Mantra
  4. Home Safe - Tika and The Dissidents
  5. Baby baby - Mantra
  6. Jiro - Notturno
  7. Blessed The Tainted Heart - Mantra
  8. Lullaby Blues - Sore featuring Tilly "The Chekinks"
  9. Merry Mist - Alfred Ayal
  1. Opening Tune
  2. The Color Purple
  3. Innocent Blood
  4. Dirty Work
  5. Naked Truth
  6. Blood Opus
  7. Chasing The Kid
  8. The Eye
  9. Pig-Headed Hero

References[edit | edit source]

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