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Ravinder Kumar commonly known as Ravi Sukhchainpuria is a well-known Singer, lyricist and song composer. He is reaching heights through his magical voice and has become an internet sensation as his songs have crossed more than Millions views on YouTube. Ravi Sukhchainpuria also has a verified Spotify and Apple music profile.

With his passion and hard work, he has released more than 12 songs on YouTube and other streaming platforms. His songs Named Jatt Di Pasand, Jatt Da Chadra, Khapitar, Laal Peeli Akhiyaan, Mind Kargi, Brand, Badal Gaya, Lehriyo Lehriyo, Runiche Ri Miss Call, And many more are being loved by the audience and has created a buzz in the music industry.

Born on 16th October 1999 the Ganganagar based Singer Ravi Sukhchainpuria started his musical journey in the year 2015. He released his first song As A Lyricist on 28th August 2017. His first song name is Brand.

He shared that all of the expense for his first song was given by his mother, who gave all of her savings so that Ravi Sukhchainpuria can start his musical journey. She has been very supportive throughout his career and for his dreams. She believes in him that one day he will make her proud. And he is working hard to make her words true as he has achieved so much at such a young age.

To achieve more in the musical world, Ravi Sukhchainpuria is working passionately. He considers it as a dream, for which he cannot sleep but work as much as he can.

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