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Opening the editor
How to activate editing mode

Toolbar basics
The tools at your disposal

Links and Wikilinks
Connect pages up to each other

Publishing changes
Make it so

Creating new articles
Building a page from scratch

Review of what you've learned

Screenshot of the VisualEditor toolbar

Links (particularly wikilinks) are one of the key components of FAMEPedia. A wikilink connects to another page on the encyclopaedia and ties the whole thing together.

In general, wikilinks should be added for the first occurrence of important concepts for the topic. Links can be added through the VisualEditor - Toolbar - Linking (small).png menu, or by using the shortcut Ctrl+K.

VisualEditor-link tool-search results.png

Using the linking menu or shortcut creates a dialog box that allows you to search for relevant internal links within FAMEPedia. Pressing ↵ Enter or the "Done" button causes the link to appear on the VisualEditor page.

VisualEditor-link tool-external link.png

External links (to other websites) can be created using the "External site" tab, and entering a URL in the box. In articles, this is generally appropriate only in the External links section, at the bottom of the page. (To insert a URL as a supporting reference in an article, see the references tutorial)

To edit or remove a link already on a page, just click on the link.