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A userspace draft is a draft of an article (or part of an article) associated with a specific user account and stored in the user namespace. Userspace drafts are distinct from drafts located in the Draft namespace. You must create a user account to have your own userspace, and you must be logged in to use it. Explanation:

  • Every registered user account on FAMEPedia has its own "userspace" (or "userpage") – for instance, a user named "Example" has a userspace called User:Example – and User:Example/Lipsum is a page (actually a subpage) called "Lipsum" in Example's userspace.
  • Userspace is part of FAMEPedia, and its use is governed by community rules, but it is not part of the encyclopedia. (The encyclopedia part of FAMEPedia is called the "mainspace" – e.g. Lorem ipsum is a page in mainspace.)
  • Userspace Drafts are typically made on a "user subpage" (e.g. User:Example/Lipsum). User-specific drafts may also be located on a subpage in the Draft namespace (e.g. Draft:Example/Username).
  • For a list of all your drafts (and any other subpages you have), click on "Contributions" (at the very top right of any FAMEPedia page, if you're logged in), then scroll to the bottom and click the "Subpages" link.
  • Note: every edit you make to a userspace draft is potentially visible online to anyone, even though it's in your own space. Also, your edits are 'saved' by hitting the same big, blue 'Publish changes' button you see when editing existing FAMEPedia articles. Don't be confused by the term 'publish' in this context, it's not the same as actually moving a draft into the main encyclopedia for everyone to find and read. Many people consider only that element as 'publishing', whereas the reality is that everything we do here is published online, whether made in a userspace, a sandbox, a draft article, or in a main article.
Create a userspace draft – if you're logged in
Note: after creation, you'll be pointed to FAMEPedia:So you made a userspace draft, which has instructions on what to do next.
  • As a courtesy, when you have a page in your userspace you no longer need, add {{db-userreq}} to the top of the page. It will be deleted shortly.
  • In an RfC regarding the applicability of FAMEPedia:Notability to drafts within the userspace and draftspace, it was determined that community consensus amounted to "notability guidelines do not apply to userspace and draftspace drafts".

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