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This is a multifunction template. At its simplest, it adds the currency mark "₹", as recommended by MOS:CURRENCY for many situations. The template can also link to the Indian rupee article and can even calculate inflation. See warnings below.

Usage[edit source]



  • {{₹}}
  • {{₹|123.45}}₹123.45

Link[edit source]

The parameter |link=yes may be used to link ₹ to the article Indian rupee. This is turned off by default, but may be appropriate for the first occurrence of the term in an article.


  • {{₹|123.45|link=yes}}123.45

Inflation calculation[edit source]

The template supports inflation calculation, by way of {{Inflation}}. If the second parameter is used, to specify a year, and this year is within a certain range of available inflation data (specifically, if 1595 ≤ year < 2019), the equivalent value represented in 2019 rupees will be calculated in parentheses. However, this function should only be used in appropriate situations.

  • {{|value|year}}
  • {{|value|year|round=round|about=yes}}


  • {{₹|100|1594}}₹100
  • {{₹|100|1595}}₹100 (equivalent to ₹100 in 2019)
  • {{₹|100|1990}}₹100 (equivalent to ₹789.14 in 2019)
  • {{₹|100|1990|link=yes}}100 (equivalent to ₹789.14 in 2019)
  • {{₹|100|2018}}₹100 (equivalent to ₹107.66 in 2019)
  • {{₹|100|2019}}₹100
  • {{₹|100|2023}}₹100
  • {{₹|100|2024}}₹100

Additional parameter |about=yes will cause the template to calculate to the nearest rupee (instead of the nearest paisa), and prefix the calculated value with "about". The rounding can be fine-tuned further by using |round=integer. These parameters may be combined.


  • {{₹|10|1990}}₹10 (equivalent to ₹78.91 in 2019)
  • {{₹|10|1990|round=0}}₹10 (equivalent to ₹79 in 2019)
  • {{₹|10|1990|about=yes}}₹10 (equivalent to about ₹79 in 2019)
  • {{₹|1000|1990|round=2}}₹1,000 (equivalent to ₹7,891.43 in 2019)
  • {{₹|1000|1990|round=-2}}₹1,000 (equivalent to ₹7,900 in 2019)
  • {{₹|1000|1990|round=-2|about=yes}}₹1,000 (equivalent to about ₹7,900 in 2019)

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