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JATIN CHONKAR[edit | edit source]

BORN - Mumbai , India

OCCUPATION - Entrepreneur

YEARS ACTIVE- 2020 - Present

FATHER - Mahindra Chonkar

MOTHER - Manisha Chonkar


HOMETOWN- Mumbai , India

BIRTHDAY - 7th June 2004

Jatin Chonkar is an entrepreneur and a digital marketing expert . Jatin Chonkar, a name which is synonymous to the modern internet era is a digital expert who has helped many businesses and entrepreneurs grow by building their presence on social media and Google. Jatin is known for his vast knowledge in Branding and is one of the big names in Digital Marketing industry .

Today, Jatin Chonkar holds wide expertise in online branding, building google presence, Public Relations and anything and everything revolving around the digital medium.[edit | edit source]

EARLY LIFE[edit | edit source]

Jatin Chonkar the most sought after names in the digital industry who has established himself as one of the successful entrepreneurs in recent times

Jatin started his career as a youtuber at age of 15 and landed Up being An Entrepreneur With Owning Two Companies at a very young age.

Before July ,2020 Jatin Chonkar Was a Simple Student With Big Dreams Cultivating YouTube to Share His Life To Audience Through His Vlogs . Mr. Mahindra Chonkar ( Father ) & Mrs . Manisha Chonkar ( Mother ) Had Immensely Supported Jatin throughout This Beautiful Journey

After gaining immense confidence and Expertise In Public Speaking & Gaining knowledge about digital marketing and image-making, the young persona took a leap and faith and embarked on the journey of being an entrepreneur.

CAREER[edit | edit source]

According to him, he has no plans of restricting himself to the media & Dropshipping industry. Besides social media and digital marketing, Jatin is keen to make investments in several other sectors over the next 3 years. He believes that a successful entrepreneur is someone who invests money rather than saving it.

Jatin Is a Student Entrepreneur Continuing His Education From commerce Branch