Joakim Skarli

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Joakim Skarli is an Ex semi professional footballer turned actor and producer.

After working many years in the entertainment-industry, such as in Sony Music Entertainment, Radio NRJ and event hosting, Skarli started working full time as an actor. Skarli has produced one short film, The other side (2017) were he also had the leading part as Tom, and he also had the supporting role as Magne in the short film Next II Mine, both directed by Prince Joe.

This year, Skarli has worked on major films and can name a few like Spider Man - Far From Home, Fantastic Beast 2, Men In Black - Spin-Off, and the Netflix biography, 22 July, a film about the massive terror attack in Oslo, Norway. Directed by Paul Greengrass.

When it comes to television series - appearances, Skarli been featured in Britannia, Holby city & Eastenders. Recently he was featured in a Bbc series Mother father son starring Richard Gere, here as a journalist.

On the stage, Skarli did his debut as an warrior in a Opera play named Norma at the Opera House in Norway. A play written by Sigrid Strøm Reibo.

Since then Skarli have been in many projects and always looking for new characters and roles.