John Tantillo

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John Tantillo
Born (1951-06-29) June 29, 1951 (age 71)
EducationSt. Francis College
Alma materQueens College of the City University of New York
Hofstra University
Known forBranding and marketing consultant

John Tantillo (born June 29, 1951 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American branding and marketing consultant.[1] He is credited with coining the term The O'Reilly Factor, which later became the title of Bill O'Reilly’s television show.[2]

A graduate of St. Francis College, Queens College of the City University of New York and Hofstra University, Tantillo holds a Masters in Experimental Psychology and a doctorate in Applied Research Psychology.[1] In March 2012, Tantillo was named Alumnus of the Month by Hofstra University.[3]

Tantillo is known as “The Marketing Doctor” and for his outspoken adherence to the marketing concept, which has been defined as the essential role of marketing as a vehicle to identifying and satisfying consumer needs. He has been particularly outspoken about what he perceives as the money wasted on Super Bowl advertising.[4]

Tantillo is a frequent guest on television and radio, often appearing on Fox Business Network and Fox & Friends. He is a regular guest on the Fox News live webcast discussion show, The Strategy Room, where he is seen twice a week on Business Hour, News With a View and God Talk Hours, analyzing the role of marketing within the topic of the day.

Tantillo has been called to discuss marketing issues related to politics, corporations and persons and has been called the “Howard Cosell” of marketing for his distinctive voice, mannerisms and clothing.[5] In December 2007, he generated controversy for advocating a Fat Santa campaign and comments that Santa Claus should lose weight and join the fight against the obesity epidemic.[5] His position was ridiculed by Erich Muller during an appearance by Tantillo on Muller's radio program, The Mancow Show.[6] Tantillo wrote again on this subject in 2008[7] and again met with criticism.[8]

In his marketing analyses and critiques, Tantillo refers frequently to a concept he calls Adpublitizing. According to Tantillo, Adpublitizing means creating an advertisement that is sure to generate controversial coverage, thus ensuring that the advertisement and the related brand get many more impressions than a typical media buy.[9][10][11]

In September 2008, Tantillo syndicated his blog content to, a social networking site for entrepreneurs run by Under the arrangement, he operated as a “Branding and Marketing Expert Blogger” for while also generating other blog content and Internet-disseminated guidance for readers of his blog and private clients. shut down at the end of 2009. In February 2009, Tantillo became a columnist for The Fox News Forum.[12]

Bibliography[edit | edit source]

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