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Jolly Bastian is a Stunt Master predominantly working with South Indian film industry. His portfolio includes movies like Putnanja, Annayya, Nattukku Oru Nallavan, Bangalore Days, Crazy Star, Super Ranga, Shyloo, Aramane, Gaalipata, Silence, etc. He also runs an event management and orchestra group named 24 Events in which he is also the lead singer.

Early life and background[edit | edit source]

Jolly was born on 24 September 1966 in Alleppey, but was brought up in Bengaluru. He studied in St Patrick’s, Bangalore. Both, his dad and granddad were mechanic technicians.[1]

First break and growth[edit | edit source]

He too started off as a mechanic and once while doing his passionate wheelie on his bike, a filmmaker noticed him and introduced him the Kannada film industry as a stuntman.[citation needed]. His first project was to be the dupe for Ravichandran in Premaloka.[2] Jolly was just 17 years old then. Till 1994, he was involved in small stunts and then he got his dream break as the action director in Ravinchandran’s Putnanja, which went on to become a super hit.

He was also the chief of Karnataka Stunt Directors and Professionals Association.[3]

Professional risks[edit | edit source]

Jolly has had his share of accidents in his profession. While he is well known for his bike and car stunts in Sandalwood, a bomb blast scene in Bhale Chatura broke his collar bone and two ribs. A bike fall in Putnanja damaged his face and knees. He says, "As a stunt man, the profession itself is risky. Today there is new equipment to help us. Ropes and harness equipment have made jumps and other stunts safe to a large extent. Fireproof clothes have made working in scenes involving fire safe."[4]

Directorial stint[edit | edit source]

He also tried his luck as a director with Ninagaagi Kaadiruve, which did not fare well. In an interview, he said, "My directorial venture- Ninagagi Kaadiruve, a romantic thriller, wasn’t a bad movie. I had to suffer a lot due to a wrong partner. It was a tough phase in my life. I am doing another movie shortly, which is in the writing phase. Another original story like my debut work. I’ll continue to make original movies instead of remakes. I want to show that creativity can mint money and not pose financial loss to a producer. I want to break that barrier!"[5]

Singer[edit | edit source]

Jolly has an orchestra group '24 Events' in which he is the lead singer. He also sings on occasions.

Filmography[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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