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Map of the world in 2000 BCE color-coded by type of society.
  Area of bronze working, c. 2000 BCE.
Map of the world in 1000 BCE color-coded by type of society.
  Area of iron working, c. 1000 BCE.
  Area of bronze working, c. 1000 BCE.
Map of the world in 500 BCE color-coded by type of society.
Map of the world in 323 BCE color-coded by type of society.
  Greek and Hellenized states and empires
Map of the world in 200 BCE color-coded by type of society.
  Iranian, Persian, Greek and Hellenized states and empires

This is a list of stateless societies that have existed throughout history without the centralization of authority.

Historical societies[edit | edit source]

Flag Society From Until Duration Ideology Ref.
Star of David.svg Essenes 150 BCE 66 CE Template:Ayd Judaism [1]
Frisian flag.svg Frisian freedom 800 1523 Template:Ayd Antifeudalism [2]
Flag of The Icelandic Commonwealth.png Icelandic Commonwealth 930 1262 Template:Ayd Direct democracy [3]
Hussite banner (Taborites).png Taborites 25 March 1420 1452 Template:Ayd Radical Hussitism [4]
Flag of Cospaia.svg Republic of Cospaia 29 June 1440 5 May 1826 Template:Ayd Republicanism [5]
Pirate Flag of Jack Rackham.svg Golden Age of Piracy October 1650 12 July 1726 Template:Ayd Piracy [6]
Flag of South Carolina (1861).svg South Carolina Commune 4 February 1868 10 March 1874 Template:Ayd Civil rights [7]

Indigenous societies[edit | edit source]

Flag Society Provisioning system Homeland Ref.
Australian Aboriginal Flag.svg Aboriginal Australians Various Australia [8]
Berber flag.svg Amazigh Agricultural Maghreb [8]
Andaman and Nicobar Administration Banner.png Andamanese Hunter-gatherer Andaman Islands [9]
Anga Horticultural Jos Plateau [10]
Flag of the Gambella Region.svg Anuak Horticultural Anuak Zone, Gambela [8]
Bassa Subsistence agriculture Bassaland [10]
Berom Subsistence agriculture Jos Plateau [10]
Birifor Volta [10]
Bobo Subsistence agriculture Bobo-Dioulasso [10]
Flag of the Cherokee Nation.svg Cherokee Agricultural Cherokee Nation [11]
Croatan Subsistence agriculture Croatan Sound [12]
Dan Agricultural Man [10]
Dayak Agricultural Borneo [8]
Dogon Subsistence agriculture Dogon country [10]
File:Flag of Cross River State.png Ekoi Horticultural Ekoi land [10]
Gagu[page needed] Pastoral agriculture [10]
Flag of Maryland County.svg Grebo Grebo land [10]
Flag of the Hopi.png Hopi Agricultural Hopi Nation [13]
Nsibidi.png Ibibio Horticultural Akwa Ibom [10]
Idoma Hunter-gatherer Benue [10]
Ifugao Horticultural Ifugao [8]
Flag of Biafra.svg Igbo Horticultural Igboland [14][10]
File:Flag of Rivers State.png Ijaw Horticultural Niger Delta [10]
Flag of Nunavut.svg Inuit Hunter-gatherer Arctic [8]
Kissi Subsistence agriculture Guinea Highlands [10]
Konkomba Horticultural Northern Ghana [8][10]
Flag of Grand Kru County.svg Kru Fishing Grand Kru County [10]
Kusasi Kasaug Traditional Area [10]
Lugbara Subsistence agriculture West Nile [8]
Mamprusi East Mamprusi [10]
Flag of Nimba County.svg Mano Horticultural Nimba County [10]
Flag of the Mapuches.svg Mapuche Pastoral agriculture Araucanía [15]
File:Flag of Vihiga County.png Maragoli Vihiga County [10]
Mbuti Hunter-gatherer Ituri Rainforest [16]
Niitsitapi Hunter-gatherer Blackfeet Nation [17]
Governadorat d'Aswan.png Nubian Agricultural Nubia [18]
Flag of the Gambella Region.svg Nuer Pastoralism Nuer Zone, Gambela [10]
Flag of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation.PNG Pequot Agricultural Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation [19]
Flag of Amazonas Indigenous State.svg Piaroa Subsistence agriculture Orinoco [20]
Puliklah Hunter-gatherer Yurok Indian Reservation [8]
Tallensi Horticultural Tallensi Traditional Area [10]
Plateau Tonga Subsistence agriculture Binga [8]
Quinnipiac Hunter-gatherer Quinnipiac River [21]
Sami flag.svg Sami Pastoralism Sápmi [8]
San Hunter-gatherer Central Kalahari [22]
Santals Agricultural Jharkhand [8]
Flag of Perak.svg Semai Subsistence agriculture Perak [23]
Flag of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.PNG Seminoles Hunter-gatherer Seminole Nation [24]
Zimbabwe Bird.svg Shona Subsistence agriculture Mashonaland [10]
File:Flag of Nasarawa State.png Tiv Horticultural Tivland [8][10]
File:Flag of Delta State.png Urhbo Subsistence agriculture Niger Delta [10]
Zomia [25]

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