Monju Rani Halder

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Monju Rani Halder Template:BlueBadge is the mother of Bangali Author and poet Sourav Halder.

Monju Rani HalderTemplate:BlueBadge
Monju Rani Halder
Personal details
Born07 November 1978
Khulna, Bangladesh
Spouse(s)Rabin Halder (m.2001)
ChildrenSourav Halder
ParentsHaripada Roy,
RelativesAnup Haldar

Early life[edit | edit source]

Mrs. Chakraborty was born on 07 November 1978 in a middle class family in Bagerhat district of the division Khulna , Bangladesh. In her school days she had won various acting, singing and beauty contest. She always used to get full marks in all subjects in primary and middle classes.He studied up to hsc.

life[edit | edit source]

Her dream was to become a nurse but some brokers took more money from her family and dreamed of giving her a job. Later, her dream was shattered and she got married to a poor family.

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