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Mumtaz Ali
Mumtaz Ali (vers 1942).jpg
Born(1905-03-15)15 March 1905
Died6 May 1974(1974-05-06) (aged 69)
Spouse(s)Latifunnisa Ali
Children8, including Mehmood Ali, Minoo Mumtaz and Anwar Ali

Mumtaz Ali (15 March 1905 – 6 May 1974) was an Indian dancer and character actor in Hindi cinema from the 1940s to 1970s. He was the father of Indian actor Mehmood. He also had his own dance troupe "Mumtaz Ali Nites" which performed all over India.[1] His career slumped due to his excessive drinking and his family fell into hard times, leading to his son Mehmood to work as a child artist and daughter Minoo Mumtaz to work as dancer in his stage shows and later in movies.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Mumtaz Ali was born in Mathura in 1905. Orphaned very early, he was raised by his nine-year-old sister Karimunnisa. Around 1928, he lived in the street in Bombay when he met Benjamin Guy Horniman, an Englishman amateur of Indian cinema[2] and former publisher of the Bombay Chronicle. B G Horniman took him in, invited him to his home and supported him financially. Mumtaz Ali founded at that time a small troupe of street theater, the Mumtaz Ali Theatrical Company, for which he plays almost all roles. In 1933, BG Horniman recommended Mumtaz Ali to Himanshu Rai who was establishing the Bombay Talkies studio in Malad, the suburbs of Bombay.[3]

Career[edit | edit source]

Mumtaz Ali joined Bombay Talkies from the first movie of the studio. He was a part of the production team of Jawani Ki Hawa which was released in 1935. But he had to wait the next year to appear on the screen on the third film, Achhut Kanya. Among his best work was his song "Mein to Dilli se Dulhan laya re" from the 1942 film Jhula. This song was a must to be played at all marriage functions in those days in Mumbai and India. Mumtaz Ali sided with Devika Rani during the Bombay Talkies split in early 1943. He decided to leave the studio in 1945, when Devika Rani left him.

After years[edit | edit source]

He was last seen in the 1974 Hindi movie Kunwara Baap, directed by and starring his son Mehmood in the song "Saj Rahi Gali Meri Maa".[4] He died the same year on 6 May, aged 69.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Mumtaz Ali married Latifunnisa, in October 1929. They had eight children: Husseini, Mehmood , Khairunnisa, Usman, Malikunnisa ( Minoo Mumtaz ), Zubeida, Shaukat and Anwar. Mehmood made his acting debut in Kismet (1943). Minoo Mumtaz made her stage debut for Mumtaz Ali Nites and became a recognized dancer in Indian cinema in the 1950s.

Filmography[edit | edit source]

Year Film Character/Role
1998 Ghar Bazar
1975 Dayar E Madina
1974 Kunwara Baap
1974 Do Phool
1959 Dil Deke Dekho
1955 Sakhi Hatim
1952 Kafila
1950 Apni Chhaya
1950 Nirala Rani
1950 Sangeeta
1949 Putli
1948 Khidki
1948 Padmini
1948 Shakti
1948 Mulaqat
1947 Shehnai
1943 Hamari Baat
1942 Basant Dilip
1941 Jhoola Postman
1940 Azad
1940 Punar Milan
1939 Navjeevan
1938 Nirmala
1938 Vachan
1937 Jeevan Prabhat Nandlal
1937 Prem Kahani Mr. Sharma
1937 Savitri
1936 Janmabhoomi Madhu

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