Niraj Navadiya

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Early life & education[edit | edit source]

Niraj Navadiya was born on 13 July 2000, in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Now a day he lives in Surat, Gujarat. He finishes his HSC in the Shree Vasishtha Vidhyalaya. He graduated from the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (B.A. With Political Science). His father's name is Hiteshbhai and his mother's name is Kailasben who played a significant role in giving the right dimensions to Niraj Navadiya’s career.

Career[edit | edit source]

From a young age, Niraj Navadiya had the ability to keep coming up with creative ideas one after the other. So he became a blogger at the age of 17. Subsequently, he decided to try his luck in Digital Marketing and Public Relations. So he decided to become a Publicist. Niraj Navadiya had no space for procrastination in his life and always worked in a “believe in collaboration, innovation, and revolution” attitude.

Organizations founded[edit | edit source]

Vaktavy: Vaktavy Media is a Digital Marketing & Public Relations company is who founded by two-person Niraj Navadiya and Rohan Lathiya on 1 January 2018. He is creating an impact in the Public Relations industry with the help of his 2+ years of experience. also vaktavy helping many Gujarati celebrities & VIP Personalities.