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Psych IRL (@designingdonna) is a YouTube account focused on psychology and mental health, run by Donna Yatz. Yatz uses her channel to apply the principles of psychology to real life stories and scenarios,[a] and apply a psychological lens to everyday experiences.[1] She joined YouTube on August 21, 2020.[2]

She has also discussed various internet feuds with reference to psychology, including: the appeal of Trisha Paytas (as well as her mental health issues[3]) and beauty YouTuber feuds. Yatz talks about manipulation, parasocial relationships, and cryptomnesia, relating these to said feuds.[4] She has also spoken out against "cancel culture"[5] and the difference between bullying and legitimate criticism on the internet.[6]

In 2020, alongside AsapSCIENCE and others, Yatz also featured in a YouTube original series Sleeping With Friends, a competition in which participants aim to get the best night's sleep.[7][8][9] That year, she was nominated for an award at the 12th Annual Shorty Awards.[10]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. "IRL" means "in real life" in internet slang.
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