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Ratnanweshi is an social media page founded in 14th of December 2018 by Subhajit Parbat and Debolina Chakraborty. This page is founded to help people to promote their talent on different social media platforms. From last two years Ratnanweshi is helping people To to show the same.

Official Logo Of Ratnanweshi
MottoFeaturing Amazing Thoughts
Formation14th of December 2018
FounderSubhajit Parbat & Debolina Chakraborty
PurposeHelp people to promote their talent
Official language
Bengali , English
OwnerSubhajit Parbat
Key people
Subhajit Parbat , Debolina Chakraborty & Eshita Roy

About the organisation[edit | edit source]

Ratnanweshi is founded to give platform to the people.

"There is a lot of talented people in our society but lack of platform they are not able to show their talents "- in this thought Ratnanweshi started is journey ! From two years Ratnanweshi is working activity .

Social media presence[edit | edit source]

Ratnanweshi is available on different social media platform.

List of social media handles are given below.

✓ Facebook :- Click here

✓ Instagram :- Click here

✓ Twitter :- Click here

✓ YouTube :- Click here

Members[edit | edit source]

Ratnanweshi is fortunate to have many active members who are always working to make our page more perfect. Ratnanweshi to glad to have them on our team. Wishing for their bright and shining future.

Works[edit | edit source]

Ratnanweshi's main motto is to give a platform to the talent people to show their talents. But except this they is doing many cultural activities. They are organising many Competitions to cherish talents. They took an exclusive interview of a very popular Bengali web series actor Saurav Das . They did many self scripted audio Stories [1] .

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