Rohnit Roy

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Rohnit Roy is founder of AasPass - Global to Local & +3 Profitable Organisation.
Mandla, M.P
OccupationEntrepreneur & Student
Known forRed Bull of Influencers
Notable work
Co-Founded a Digital Media Agency & Media Production Company

Rohnit Roy is an Indian Young Entrepreneur & the owner of +3 Profitable organisation founder of AasPass - Global to Local & Digitalite Solutions. He along with his school mate started this media company. Their aim is to manage influencers’ community and build YouTubers across the nation.

Rohnit started this company on 4th August 2019, with the making of the logo. After more than five months of hard work and accumulation of team, this company was registered on 22nd January 2020 with Startup India, an initiative by the Govt. of India. They started with a small team of 2-3 members, including Rohnit. Today they have 6 head members, each heading in their respective fields. With a massive influencer connection of more than, 100+ people, Rohnit is the Red-Bull of influencers. With the help of this, they were able to open two ore connected companies named – Famous Duniya & Digitalite Studio. Famous Duniya is a unique ‘Talent Management’, ‘Influencer Marketing’ and ‘Celeb Collaboration’ social media agency, which aims to promote small and new brands/start-ups. They believe in progressing with everybody after all, if everyone is moving forward, success takes care of itself.

Nothing comes easy in this world. There were many problems, many hurdles, which came on their beautiful journey. Rohnit, at one point, thought to drop this idea and move on, but he still had hope. He took the load and gave his 200% to bring the company at this stage. They had very few connections and their brand awareness was drastically low. They teamed up and decided to work together, to increase their reputation.

Within, one year, Digitalite Solutions, has collaborated with 20+ brands, thanks to Himansh Kohli, who proved to be a game-changer in their journey. Today, they have reached a level, where they can proudly say that thy begun from a scratch and made a beautiful sculpture in the form of Digitalite Solutions.

They believe that - “Success is not a destination, it’s a Journey”. Now he is also working towards his 4th Venture which is Codart A.I. An Artificial intelligence Research & Startup Development Company.

The current achievement what Team Digitalite has achieved Rohnit said - We have built the most inexpensive Marketing facilities for a small scale to big industrial companies and Brands. Already we have worked with 15 Premium Brands and serving more clients too. Where this company is Founded in the year 2019 and got active 2020 April.

We started this Start-Up with 3 people, no funds, no team, no network & Stable place to assist companies and Brands have now we have a network of 15000 Influencers across India, connected 220 Camera studio and 10 members of core intelligence team to operate brands and assist them without any office. Still making presence without any Office place in more than 5 cities and 4 States. Our individualized plans are made up of quality services that will help you get there quickly and smoothly. We help businesses create their brand presence and achieve their goals.

Today they have a team with young minded who works together on different projects for different brands. We work with brands who want to level up their marketing game to the next level. We are as simple as our name sounds, providing digital solutions that will elevate your brand's presence in the digital space. Our process is designed to empower your brand and outfit your business with the marketing tools needed to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.​

Early life & Family background[edit | edit source]

Though he belongs to a middle-class family from a small town in Madhya Pradesh, Rohnit hasn’t borrowed a single penny to establish his business from anyone. He has worked from the ground level to rise to this point. Currently, he is planning to work on a brand, through which he can teach start-ups to grow. Rohnit plans to share his story and create an impact on the minds of budding entrepreneurs who aim to do something different in life.

Entrepreneurship Journey[edit | edit source]

Rohnit started this media-based company, with his school friends. Today the estimated value of Digitalite Solutions is 1.5 million. The most interesting fact is that Rohnit started this company at “Zero Investment”. This unique idea has also got him the “Zero Investment Award”. His journey from Zero to 15 Lakh is really interesting and inspiring.

Rohnit had a vision of a company who could provide all round services from Content Creation to Designing to Managing Influencer Networks. He incubated upon his thoughts and came up with this unique idea of “Digitalite Solutions”. Today he manages more than thousands of influencers and has provided them a platform to widen their field of reach with the help of an Influencer Management company named “Famous Duniya”.

Rohnit Roy is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of the nation and is keen to expand his business idea all over the world. With services like Content Creation, Designing, and Marketing, which are considered to be the need of the upcoming period, Rohnit’s business would be a great asset to people seeking these services. At nominal rates, Rohnit is capable of giving classic services, which could play an important role in expanding one’s potential reach. He has already boosted the Influencer Marketing and is on the run to explore the field of Content Creation and Designing.

Rohnit has mustered a capable team who have their expertise in various fields like Designing, Content Creation, and even Influencer Marketing. He has reached a respectable position just at the age of Seventeen. While children find it difficult to manage their homework and playtime, Rohnit shuttles between managing School and a Company valued Rs.15 Lakh.

He is thoroughly engaged and is dedicatedly working hard to improve his services and extend his reach to the maximum people possible. Though at a tender age of seventeen, Rohnit hasn’t taken any external help to expand his business. In today’s date, Rohnit budgets marketing to all sorts of businesses and start-ups.

About his Successful Ventures[edit | edit source]

Codart A.I. : This Company is Founded by the Rohnit Roy, who is India's Serial Young Entrepreneur. He has been having a vast background in Marketing & Research. Worked with many brands & Influencers, having a network of 15,000 Influencers. Codart A.I. is an AI research and tech incubator company. Our mission is to ensure that AI benefits all of humanity & Startups. We are creating Tech to define people wellbeing, also being India's first AI research and deployment company.

Digitalite Solutions, Studio & Famous Duniya : They contacted all influencers and companies for collaboration only through mails as they don’t have access to mobiles. Despite of all this, Team Digitalite Solutions has done an excellent job and has managed to gather more than 15,000 influencers to partner with them.

Rohnit believes, “My history will speak everything, but my present will show everyone.”, and he has so far not stepped away from it. Hailing from a small town of Madhya Pradesh, Rohnit has taken a divergent route and is standing against all odds.

Rohnit has always visualized the future and acted accordingly. He has picked up ideas that are important and provides services that are the need of the 21st Century. From Content Creation to Designing, he tries to give the best possible services with his extremely capable and experienced team. He aims to give quality service with affordable ranges and the work is actually worth the money.

There are challenges whenever a new business is started. There are challenges and one has to be optimistic while facing these issues. With the aim of learning from mistakes, taking experience from faults and a determined mind to grow and develop, Rohnit along with his team has reached to a point where they are in the early stage of their careers, but are experienced and have the urge to grow and not be afraid of loss, but too take it up as a positive event and carry their work. They believe in, forgetting the mistake, but remember the lesson and this is why they have been able to scale new heights and don’t resort to cribbing about their mistakes.

Today Digitalite Solutions are setting an example in their filed by being versatile without compromising quality and it’s credit goes to Rohnit Roy and his team. Their vision and mission of treating ‘Success as a journey, not a destination’, itself shows that they are desperate to work hard give their cent per cent and don’t worry about their results which helps them to be optimistic.