Roy Tariq

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Born (2005-07-14) July 14, 2005 (age 17)
OccupationYoung Age Director, Photographer, Videographer,Editor, Cinematographer, & Social Media Influencer
Years active2014
OrganizationRoy Tariq Films
Known forPhotography and Editor
TitleChief Executive Officer

Roy Tariq Born 14 July 2005 (16 years old) is a Photographer, Videographer, Editor, Cinematographer, & Social Media Influencer. He is also a Founded & CEO of Roy Tariq Films. He is a school going boy he started this alone Production back in 2018 and now has the best team of all time.

Roy Tariq
Born Rawalpindi, Punjab Pakistan

14 July 2005 (age 16)

Residence Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Occupation Young Age Director, Photographer, Videographer,

Editor, Cinematographer, Social Media Influencer &

Certificate Digital Marketer

Occupation Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Estimated Salary $85k-125k USD
Years active 2005-Present
Known for Founder and CEO
Religion Christianity

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Roy Tariq is currently studying IGCSE. Along with that he also did Photography, Cinematography, and Digital Media Influencing Courses. And till of now, he did around 78 projects with bands till date. And at this age he is doing so good running his business and in the future, he can good much ore better.

Career[edit | edit source]

He is currently studying but he started using Instagram in 2014 and till 2015 he had a good amount of followers and he started Collaborating with bands and started promoting bands. In 2017 He's account got hacked and he talked with the team nothing could happen he's account was deleted and He Started a new account, it takes time but the deals are back. And with that, he started R7 Production in 2018. And now he is doing great in few years he will finish he's studying and will give he's full time in the business.

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