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Saheb Chatterjee
Saheb Chattopadhyay

Known forHemlock Society, Goyenda Gogol

Shaheb Chatterjee (Template:Lang-bn) is a Bengali Indian male actor[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] and singer of Tollywood Bangla and Bengali television.[8]

Shaheb Chatterjee is a Bengali Indian male actor and singer of Tollywood Bangla and Bengali television. He is noted for his acting and singing, specially in Tagore songs or Rabindra Sangeet,[9] and various cinemas of Tollywood Bangla. As of January 2016, he is featuring as the husband of the protagonist Parama Mitra, Dr. Porimal Mitra in the Bengali TV serial Goyenda Ginni, which airs on Zee Bangla,[10] and as noted singer Sujon Kumar, in the serial Potol Kumar Ganwala, which is broadcast on Star Jalsha. He's now being featured as the king of Bhawal in the popular Bengali TV show, Sanyashi Raja O Tar Sannashi Rani, which is also broadcast on Star Jalsha. He participated in the reality show, Dadagiri on December 30, 2017.[citation needed]

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